Natalie Operstein
personal page
about myself
    Profesora Visitante, M.A. Program in Linguistics,
University of Sonora (2008-2009)

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics,
University of Pittsburgh (2007-2008)

(Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2007. M.A., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 1996)

    I am currently a visiting assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Sonora. Natalie Operstein My interests comprise historical linguistics, phonology, language contact, pidgin and creole linguistics, and endangered language description and documentation. My interests and work in language contact and historical linguistics focus on the mechanisms that set language change in motion and comprise the Romance, Indo-European, and Zapotecan language families. My interests in phonology focus on the intrasegmental structure of consonants and the ways in which it is revealed through such processes as consonant lenition, vowel intrusion, umlaut, prevocalization, compensatory lengthening, and the life-cycle of consonantal syllabics.

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