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Operstein, Natalie. Consonant Structure and Prevocalization.
Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 2010
[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 312.]

Operstein, Natalie. Trilingual Dictionary: Zaniza (Papabuco) Zapotec - Spanish - English.
[In preparation.]

selected publications

Operstein, Natalie. Personal pronouns in Zapotec and Zapotecan.
International Journal of American Linguistics 69 (2003): 154-85.
[An in-depth study and reconstruction of personal pronouns in Zapotec, Chatino, and Zapotecan]

Operstein, Natalie. Late affrication of <ç> and <z>: Evidence from Spanish loans in Zapotec and Trique.
Romance Notes 43 (2003): 147-51.
[Presents loanword evidence to demonstrate that, contrary to earlier views, Colonial Spanish attests the affricated pronunciation of <ç> and <z>]

Operstein, Natalie. Two developments of Proto-Zapotec *ty and *tty.
(Pre-publication version).
[A discussion of two interesting developments that have affected Proto-Zapotec *ty and *tty. One of them concerns an exceptional behavior of these segments at the beginning of the second root of nominal compounds and after certain proclitics. The second development involves a previously unreported type of nominal allomorphy in Papabuco and Valley Zapotec that has resulted from a stress-related split of *ty.]

Operstein, Natalie. Defining the linguistic sub-areas of Eurasia: Word-initial /r/
Festschrift in honor of Aharon Dolgopolski ed. by Vitaly V. Shevoroshkin and Harald Sverdrup. (In print).
[A study in the areal distribution of a phonological pattern whereby nonfortis initial /r/ is eliminated through fortition and/or vowel prothesis]

Operstein, Natalie. Positional verbs in Zaniza Zapotec.
Expressing location in Zapotec. ed. by Brook D. Lillehaugen and Aaron H. Sonnenschein. (In print).
[A descriptive analysis of positional verbs in Zaniza Zapotec]

Operstein, Natalie. Spanish loanwords and the historical phonology of Zaniza Zapotec.
Papers from the Conference on Otomanguean and other Oaxacan Languages, ed. by Rosemary Beam de Azcona and Mary Paster, eds. 2005. Papers from the Conference on Otomanguean and other Oaxacan Languages. Survey of California and Other Indian Languages Report 13. Berkeley, California: Survey of California and Other Indian Languages. 107-16.
[Suggests a reconstruction of the phonemic system of 16th-century Zaniza Zapotec]

Operstein, Natalie. Review of Hildo Honório do Couto, A língua franca mediterranea: Histórico, textos e interpretação (Brasília: Editora Plano, 2002).
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 19 (2004): 410-14.
[Reviews the second book-length treatment of Lingua Franca to appear in print.]

Operstein, Natalie. Los préstamos y la fonología histórica del zapoteco de Zaniza.
Memorias del VIII Encuentro Internacional de Lingüística en el Noroeste. (In Press.)
[A reconstruction of the consonant inventory of Zaniza Zapotec at the time of the earliest contact with Spanish, with particular attention to the phonemic status of /r/]

Operstein, Natalie. More on the chronology of post-sixteenth-century sound changes in Zapotec and Spanish.
UniverSOS 4 (2007): 49-52.

Operstein, Natalie. Los pronombres personales en zapoteco y zapotecano: un estudio diacrónico.
Morúa Leyva, María del Carmen y Rosa María Ortiz Ciscomani, eds.
Memorias del VII Encuentro Internacional de Lingüística en el Noroeste. Vol. 2. Hermosillo: Unison, 2004.
[A succinct presentation of the results of the reconstruction of Zapotecan personal pronouns]

Operstein, Natalie. The phonology of fortis/lenis in Zapotec in the light of loanwords from Spanish.
(In Preparation.)
[Establishes the main patterns of consonant adaptation in the earliest stratum of Spanish borrowings in Zapotec.]

Operstein, Natalie (with Tamer Kütükçü). Türkiye Türkçesi´┐Żndeki /e/ ünlüsünün sesbirimcikleri üzerine.
Dilbilim Araştırmaları (2004): 29-50.
[A study in the distribution of the open allophone of /e/ in the present-day Turkish of Istanbul.]

Operstein, Natalie. Was Lingua Franca ever creolized?
Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 13 (1998): 377-80.
[Presents evidence against the theory of a gradual creolization of Lingua Franca]

recent conference handouts

Operstein, Natalie. Prevocalization in Maxakalí and beyond
Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America and the Linguistic Society of America
Anaheim, CA, January 2007

Operstein, Natalie. Two case studies in Zapotec historical phonology
Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of America and the Linguistic Society of America
Albuquerque, NM, January 2006

Operstein, Natalie. Zapotec *tty/ty, *ttz/tz
Congreso de Idiomas Indígenas de Latinoamérica II
Austin, TX, October 2005