Natalie Operstein
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Historical Phonology, Grammar, and Lexicon of Zapotec

    The goal here is to refine the reconstruction of Proto-Zapotec phonology and grammar, mainly as presented in Kaufman (1994, 2007). Preliminary steps in this direction are contained in my Personal Pronouns in Zapotec and Zapotecan, Los pronombres personales en zapoteco y zapotecano: un estudio diacrónico, and First-person Plural and the Aspect Morphology of Zapotec.

Villancicos Called “Negros” or “Negritos”

    (In collaboration with Derek C. Carr, University of British Columbia.) The goal here is to publish a representative selection of the sixteenth-, seventeenth-, and eighteenth-century villancicos de negro housed by The National Library of Spain. Villancicos known as de negro, or simply negros or negritos were written in imitation of the speech of the black minorities of Spain and Spanish America and contain valuable linguistic information on the early stages of the present-day restructured varieties of Spanish. An in-depth study of villancicos de negro is contained in my M.A. thesis A contribution to the history of the villancico de negros