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Life Force The World Of Jainism. Asian Humanities Press Collection inlibrary. Everyone knows Gandhi but many dont know driving force behind Gandhis Ahimsa.

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Empathy peace compassion--ahimsa--or perpetual degrees of violence. Has been termed ethical realism. How spiritual beliefs and life force ideas emerged and developed through timeHarness the power of your own hands and use Reiki techniques at home - to harmonise and heal.

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Serving as an inspiration to both the Buddha and Gandhi it seems amazing that the fundamental ideas do not get greater dissemination in our modern intellectual discussions. According to Jainism every act by which a person directly or indirectly supports killing or injury is violence himsa which creates harmful karma. A gentle faith whose ancient precepts have always nurtured an ecological way of life and which numbers today nearly ten million adherents. 13092016 It is an indispensable condition for liberation from the cycle of reincarnation the ultimate goal of Jainism.